Sunday, August 14, 2011

Session D has begun!!

Hello again friends and family of Wanakita!
It’s been a busy, but great couple of weeks here at Wanakita. A week and a half ago, Wanakita helped organize and took part in the annual  Rotary Canoe Camp Challenge in Haliburton. Each year, camps in the area gather at Head Lake in Haliburton to participate in canoe races. There are three age categories - 13 and under, 14-16, and staff. Two male teams and two female teams compete from each camp in each category. Wanakita held on site preliminary races to determine which teams would advance to the races in town!

Andy Gruppe begins one of the preliminary races for the Rotary Camp Canoe Challenge

Our teams made us proud in town, with two teams capturing silver medals, and two teams capturing bronzes.
This past week on Thursday and Friday, our 1st Year SCs departed on their 6 day -5 night canoe trips to Temagami and Kipawa. They were full of anticipation and excitement early on the morning of their departure.
1st Year SCs about to depart for their 6 day trip in Temagami!

The 1st year SC trips are one of the most defining parts of the SC program, and one of the greatest opportunities to become stronger leaders for the future.
Another important part of the 1st Year SC program are their swimming and canoeing lessons every morning while they are here.
1st Years practice soloing on an beautiful Koshlong Lake morning
Each of the 1st Year campers works towards obtaining their Bronze Cross swimming level and ORCA certification. Whether it’s a rainy, cool morning or a blisteringly hot sunny day, the first years are out there with smiles on their faces.
Today was the first day of the last two week session of the summer! Crazy!
Campers meet their new counsellor, Jack Cobb, on Session D opening day
Session D always carries a sense of excitement and energy within the camp, as everyone wants to make the most of the last few weeks of the summer. Kids are trying to savour the time that remains before school starts up again, and staff are trying to get in as many swims and kayaks that they can before they need to leave the lake again for the year. I have no doubt that everyone will make the most of the last two weeks!
--The Wanakita Staff Team

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