Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Break!

What an exciting week at YMCA Wanakita!  Our site is busy with many families on site.  Not only are we hosting our second annual March Break Family Camp, we have also welcomed a large group of families through Hamilton's Aboriginal Health Centre. 

The snow is not quite gone yet, so many of us have been spending as much time on the toboggan hill as possible.  We've been playing a number of wide games and exploring Wanakita's natural environment.  The warm weather has caused the sap in our sugar maple trees to start running, so we've also been learning about tapping trees and making maple syrup. 

The Aboriginal Health Centre has also brought much to this week's program.  We have been learning and experiencing a number of cultural activities such as the early morning sun ceremonies, the sweat lodge, and plenty of drumming and dancing.

It has certainly been a rich week thus far, and we are looking forward to the next few days! 

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