Friday, July 6, 2012

It's been busy... and HOT!

Session A is well underway and boy has it been busy here at YMCA Wanakita. The past few days have been sunny and hot but the lake has welcomed all campers for well-deserved swims. Luckily there has also been a slight breeze, which is perfect for our sailors and windsurfers! As the week comes to a close I think it is important to check in with all sections of residential camp. Here is what each section has been up to this week:

Day Camp: This was the first week of day camp and it was a busy one. Everything revolved around the zoo, as campers went out in search of ‘animals’ (rocks) that had escaped from the zoo. A beach day was also a hit with sand castle building and swimming. On the water the campers went in the voyager canoe and even kayaked. There was also an overnight with a campfire and s’mores. It was a busy week but a great one!

Counselors Andrea and Hannah dress up with day campers!
Juniors/Intermediates: This session there have been both one-week and two-week campers. Both groups have had a lot of fun participating in regular programming canoeing, kayaking, swimming, crafts, sports, etc. Some other highlights from the week have included a giant scavenger hunt as well as a digital scavenger hunt. Last night the two-weekers celebrated Halloween in July while the one-weekers went to a beach themed dance.
One-weekers dance the evening away!
Seniors: The seniors have had an exciting week as well. The senior traditional boys are out on trip at Magnettawan and Bon Echo, and the traditional girls are preparing for their trips as well. The traditional girls have also been participating in some team building activities and creating their trip shirts. The senior specialty section has been busy participating in high ropes, astronomy, drum circles and hiking. They also participated in a fashion show and are preparing for a two-day out trip.

Section Director Neil Armstrong leads a senior group in a drum circle.

SCs: Our first year SCs have been spending their mornings in the lake and practicing their canoeing skills. They are working towards their ORCKA canoeing levels and passing their Lifesaving Society Bronze Medallion or Bronze Cross swimming levels. They have been bonding during campfires and working on leadership skills and interacting with different group dynamics. The second years just returned from a two-day overnight and have also been working on their teambuilding and leadership skills. The other night the SCs had their first SC Challenge, which involved teams creating a cheer and being ranked on the best cheers.
SCs practice their canoe docking skills.

Today, the camp went to Corey’s Place to enjoy music, dance and theatre performances presented by campers in those PCAs (Personal Choice Activities). Kangaroo Court, our light-hearted camp judicial system was also called into session for the first time this year.

Music PCA performs at Corey's Place

Kangaroo Court Honourable M. Weber & Honourable J. Fisher

Well that about sums up our week here at YMCA Wanakita. Be sure to check out our YMCA Wanakita – Scenes of Summer Blog for more photographs. For those going home, we hope that you enjoyed your stay and we hope to see you next summer! And for those who are arriving or staying for another week (or three)… get ready because we have another week of jam-packed fun up our sleeves!

~The Wanakita 2012 Summer Staff Team

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